At the Forefront of Fluorocarbon Polymer Cutting Processing

We are a technology group providing support that allows for an annual production volume of 100 million units.

About us


Adhering to the belief that excellent products are created with the user’s perspective, we always strive as one strong team to satisfy the needs of our customers.

As a pioneer in the field of fluorocarbon polymers (PTFEs), cutting processing, and mass production, we produce packaging and seals for everything from transportation equipment, engine and brake parts, and construction and industrial machinery, to food machinery.

We consistently achieve stable, high-quality mass-production as well as superiority in processing, resulting in very few burrs. Our success is due to the production technology we use for machining and cutting jigs—technology that delivers all the advantages of chemical resistance, antifouling, insulation properties, self-lubrication, and low frictional resistance, which are characteristics of soft PTFEs that are difficult to cut. We use our facility system for everything from small-diameter machining to large-diameter ring machining (Ø 1,400 mm), plus mass production (annual production volume: 100 million units). Moreover, our quality assurance system is highly regarded by end users and suitable even for automobile parts.

With environmentally friendly, advanced factories, we are committed to deepening our soft-material cutting processing technology and developing applications starting with the sliding field to further contribute to society.

Products and Projects

Fluorocarbon Polymer (PTFE) Bearings

Development in the Industrial and Medical Fields

Industrial Cooperation Technology Inheritance Program